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Standing In Her Power

Birthed out of the 2020 Pandemic, Atrium82 was founded by

N.Danielle Edwards-Clarke 

a mother of 2 and fitness enthusiast. 

In 2018, as the CEO of The New Body Project- Brooklyn's 1st and Only All Women's Bootcamp studio- Danielle copped one of the most iconic spaces in Brooklyn to house her boutique fitness studio. Fast forward to 2020, because of the pandemic, she was forced to shut down with no clear reopening plan set forth by the city.

Beatdown, depressed and broken Danielle was unsure of what the future held, but the one thing she was sure of - was that her space couldn't sit idle. Having dreamt of owning a rental venue she thought what better time than now to pivot.

After careful planning, Danielle crafted a clever way to house both businesses The New Body Project & Atrium82 under one roof, while opening the space to the community.

The New Body Project reopened its doors Oct 2022, once again giving women the opportunity to take their body back and put themselves first.

In her building process, she decided to forge partnerships with local businesses to build a premier bridal, micro-venue & gathering space for the community, as well as reopening the doors to her fitness studio where the communities support has made it feel like as if it has never been closed. 

With Danielle's empty space and the assistance of local entrepreneurs, this Liberian-American; black-women owned business became a contender in both the fitness and intimate, micro-wedding venue industry. 

She's been gracefully broken by many obstacles but through her resilience, just when she thought she lost it all, she was blessed with 2 thriving businesses.

Danielle is forever grateful to the community for their continued support and welcomes you into her home and heart. 

Welcome to Atrium82.

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