Couture Planning by MDC Design



Specializing in love and family celebrations, We ARE the Dream wedding creator and master of events.
Over the past nine years our team has grinned to learn every relatable skill. Our keen eye and attention to detail escalates our events to the next level.
It’s the lifestyle for us. We remain true and live authentically with love and appreciation for everything including life. This allows us to be fully attached, passionate and trusting with your event.. From top to bottom we will undoubtedly ensure the most luxury setting for every observing and discerning eye. Our pride and honor is to give you a truly incredible experience, creating lasting memories which your will reflect upon for years to come.

Elegant Event Tent

Professional and Beautiful

Couture Planning is committed to excellence both as a stunning venue space and with the services we provide. Clients can choose from our popular Event Hosting services, or customize their own. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, we’ll accommodate all of your Event Hosting needs, with the entire Atrium82 team here to serve you.


Exceeding Expectations

These services are a wonderful way to add a unique element to your special event. Regardless of what your Banquet Catering needs are, we guarantee that the Atrium82 team can manage every request to your precise specifications. Our Banquet Catering services are ready for your celebration so get the party started and contact us today.